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How to ensure better operation effect of laser welding machine

2019-05-27 10:54:13


Screw air compressor in the use of the process, sometimes there will be low pressure fault, so what is the cause of low pressure screw air compressor unit?

1. Valve failure (unable to be closed during loading);

2. Pressure switch setting is too low (relay control unit);

3. Pressure gauge fault (relay control unit); Replace the pressure gauge;

4. Pressure switch fault (relay control unit); Repair, replace the pressure switch if necessary;

5. control pipe leakage: air compressor control pipe leakage will make the inlet valve can not be opened so that the unit load can not be full;

6. The air demand is greater than the supply quantity: check whether the valve on the air supply pipeline is opened or whether there is air leakage in the system to reduce the air consumption;

7. air filter blockage: the role of the air filter is to filter the inhaled air, to ensure that the air into the air compressor clean. If the air filter element is blocked seriously, it will affect the air intake of the unit. So must replace its filter element in time;

8. pressure regulator failure or damage: the function of the pressure regulating system is to automatically adjust the compressor according to the amount of gas used by customers, in order to achieve the balance of supply and demand. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the damaged pressure regulator in time and adjust the failed pressure regulator in time.

9. oil and gas separator blockage: because there are more or less some impurities in the oil system, the filter element work for a period of time, will occur obstruction phenomenon to increase the resistance of compressed air through the filter element, affecting the normal work of the unit. Therefore, the operator should change the filter element in time according to the signal displayed on the monitor panel;

10. the intake valve can not be fully opened: the function of the intake valve is to control the amount of air. When the unit is running at full load, the air inlet valve is in full open state. When the user needs to reduce the amount of air, from the air volume regulating device to the inlet valve input compressed air, so as to reduce the inlet valve opening, thus reducing the compressor intake, intake valve failure will affect the unit load.

How to ensure better operation effect of laser welding machine
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